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Driving While License Suspended (DWLS)


DWLS penalties can be up to one year of jail time and $5000. They can be caused by late payments for traffic tickets or child support. 

Vacate Criminal Conviction and Firearms Restoration


Criminal record convictions can affect your ability to obtain jobs, housing, and travel. You may be eligible to vacate a criminal conviction and restore your right to possess a firearm.  

Traffic Violations


Moving violations can cause your insurance rates to go up 21 to 30%. We will keep your record clear.

Driving Under the Influence 


You may be charged with DUI even if you are below the .08 statutory limit. Call us immediately before talking to an officer. 

Family Law


It is stressful and emotional to go through family issues such as divorce, child custody, spousal/child support; we will seek the best outcome for our client and their love one.

Domestic Violence


Domestic violence charges can result in a no-contact order against a loved one, jail time, and loss of firearms rights. We will protect you from such results.




Our Vision


McAvoy Law is dedicated to fighting for the rights of all Defendants in the Snohomish, King, and Skagit County areas. Protecting citizen's rights are why we went to great lengths in becoming attorneys, and we will fight for your rights until we get the best result for you.


If you have been arrested, do not negotiate away your rights or plead guilty without consulting an attorney. Even a minor charge may result in jail, heavy fines, and a permanent criminal record. 


If you received a ticket for a moving violation, do not pay the ticket without calling my office. According to, one speeding violation can increase your insurance rates by 21% to 30%.


Let us take care your concerns by giving us a call at (425) 330-7361.





















McAvoy is a graduate of Seattle University Law School. She is a member of the Washington State Bar and is currently an appointed conflict counsel at the Everett Municipal Court. Kimberly began her career in the criminal justice system when she was a law student by working at the Everett City Prosecutor's Office where she gained experience working on criminal violations, such as domestic violence, assaults, thefts, DUI, traffic tickets, trespass, and drug related charges. 

Kimberly is dedicated and passionate about advocating for her clients in the criminal justice system. She will ensure that every client receives individual attention and is treated fairly by the justice system, no matter what background he or she is from. Click here to see her client's reviews.



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